Jun 20

Update on importing your pets… from a reader

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Just posted by S Menon

“Dear all friends

I am just telling my side,whatever Anne Waltham telling is the real truth.India govt is no longer accepting pet to India from any where in the world except under a few conditions:

1.Indian nationals who is relocating to India after 2 years of continues stay and also only getting an affidavit from Indian consulate

2.re import permit (Those people already took their pet when they left India to other country)

3. obtaining a licence from govt of India called DEFT licence or something like that and it is very very hard and expensive so far cost around $6000.00

Where as our dog is the luckiest dog in the world, we have been taking her every year from New York to India because she was in India¬†¬† when this rule was imposed and they issued a certificate for her that her country of origin is India. “

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