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Taking Dogs and Cats to India – the documents

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Our story is that we are trying to leave Miami late next week for Kolkata with 2 dogs and a cat. We have traveled with to 7 countries so far with our animals, so we aren’t new to this. And so far have had no bad experiences with the effects of traveling on our animals. We always use Nitenpyram flea treatment before we travel anywhere just so the pets are safe in whatever country we are in. Even with the odd disaster along the way with screwed up arrangements…and dogs not loaded onto planes even!

We will be taking our pomeranian husky dogs as excess baggage, so far the prices we have received for shipping them as freight have been:

$6000ish from one company here in the USA, and $7000ish from other. One company wanted $505 just to complete the paperwork for export (I have attached the paperwork as you can do it yourself!)

So we are taking them as excess baggage on Lufthansa, we have found from our previous experience and recommendations of others if you cant get a direct flight to the USA, travel only via Frankfurt, Amsterdam, or Heathrow as they have pet care facilities at the airports that will look after and water , clean and check up on your pets between flights.

So far we have found you need the following docs completed:

– IATA veterinary certificate for international pet travel form (Got mine from my rabbit veterinarian!)
– Airline acclimation certificate
– Annexure I Animal Health Certificate for Importation of Dogs into India , and stamped by the USDA Government Veterinarian
– Annexure II Animal Health Certificate for Importation of Cats into India , and stamped by the USDA Government Veterinarian
– Rabies vaccination certificates
– Pictures of animals
– Microchip numbers and certificates (but not required for India)

Pet Relocation to India

Here is some more info that I found, some is already mentioned above:

Following are the requirements for Prior Approval for Pet Cats/Dogs entering INDIA:

  • Rabies Vaccination & Certificate: All pets must have an original Rabies Certificate and this certificate must state the microchip number, the date of inoculation and the validity of the particular vaccination you obtain – some are good for three years, others are only good for one.
  • Vet Health Certificate (Form 7001): This is the standard Health Certificate to be filled out by your USDA accredited Veterinarian. Must be issued within 10 days of the flight. Health Certificate must state that the pet has no clinical signs of Aujossky’s disease, Distemper, Rabies, Leishmaoiasis, Leptospirosis and Tuberculosis.
  • USDA Endorsement:

The above referenced forms:

* Microchip Implantation Record.
* Rabies Certificate.
* Vet Health Certificate.

Must be sent to your local USDA for their stamp of approval. Please contact your local representative on the best way of handling this.

This USDA certification we are simply doing ourselves, and will travel to the office to get the Annex I and II forms stamped.

We are traveling Lufthansa, and have found only some airlines are willing to take pets.

We are going to Kolkata and have found this agency that can handle the import paperwork.. the NOC certificates… we will report back on how it goes and costs as I am awaiting on this information.

Now shipping containers, we have found the cheapest here to be at Petsmart, and to get the right size this link helps:

We will be freezing the water for the animals, and putting in some mats that petsmart sells that absorb liquids and are dry for the animal to sit on (they are expensive though)

As far as travelling the animals into India they need this on their containers:

  1. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Quarantine Officer at the Animal Quarantine Station in India.
  2. A duplicate copy of the NOC has to be fixed on the crate of the pet during the air travel.
  3. Original copy of the NOC has to be produced in India to get the pet released from the customs at the Airport in India.
  4. On arrival in India, an appointment to be fixed with the Quarantine Officer for issue of a temporary Health Certificate on examination of the pet.
  5. 30 days thereafter a certificate of health to be obtained from a local veterinarian to be produced at the Animal Quarantine Station. Then, the pet will be issued a permanent certificate of health for his/her stay in India.

People intending on arriving with their pets as accompanied luggage will need to have an agent apply for this certificate before they enter the country. It is required to be obtained in person and cannot be applied for online.

Here are some docs I have attained and want to share:

Documents attached to the top of the dog crates

Documents attached to the top of the dog crates

Name on front with some info on the dog and a picture and fact sheet on top with flight details, name, details of animal, shipper and consignee details, and special instructions.

Name on front with some info on the dog and a picture and fact sheet on top with flight details, name, details of animal, shipper and consignee details, and special instructions.

The crate has to be big enough for the dog to turn around, and for our personal likes we want the dog to be able to fully stand and lie down as demonstrated by pumpkin. We also under the mats and absorbant materials taped a copy of all the dogs records in a ziplock to the base.

The crate has to be big enough for the dog to turn around, and for our personal likes we want the dog to be able to fully stand and lie down as demonstrated by pumpkin. We also under the mats and absorbant materials taped a copy of all the dogs records in a ziplock to the base.

Stickers of live animals came from Petsmart, it also comes in a pack with special paper to absorb pee pee and 2 food/water containers to put on the crate door.

Stickers of live animals came from Petsmart, it also comes in a pack with special paper to absorb pee pee and 2 food/water containers to put on the crate door.

Moes fact sheet and documents, we included the full vet history and test results on his due to his health problems.

Moes fact sheet and documents, we included the full vet history and test results on his due to his health problems.

Moes needs are special so we posted it here

Moes needs are special so we posted it here

We placed a water bottle on the side in a sport holster which you can get from Kmart, Target or Walmart, the crate also has a nipple type water bottle on the door which will contain frozen water to make it last

We placed a water bottle on the side in a sport holster which you can get from Kmart, Target or Walmart, the crate also has a nipple type water bottle on the door which will contain frozen water to make it last

yes its too small, but pumpkin appears to really like crates, so much after she did this and we took apart the crate to get here out!, we put together her crate and she loves to sleep in it!

yes its too small, but pumpkin appears to really like crates, so much after she did this and we took apart the crate to get here out!, we put together her crate and she loves to sleep in it!

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124 Responses to “Taking Dogs and Cats to India – the documents”

  1. From Kalash Jhamb:

    Hi Chris

    I need your help. I had a relative of mine, visit Qatar airways Ahmedabad office to check on the paper for bringing my dog to India and also to take my dog back from India. We were told by local Qatar airways office, that we are not allowed to take our dog/fly our dog back from Ahmedabad airport; is that true?
    I dont understand what can be the restriction to have our dog fly back with us from Ahmedabad airport. Flying my dog into Ahmedabad airport doesnt seem to be an issue, but taking it back is an issue – strange

    Can you help/advise on this issue. Is there a way for you to confirm this ?

    Pls this is important for me

    Kind regards


    Posted on November 19, 2010 at 10:51 am #
  2. From admin:

    Aviation wise there is no restriction, and there is no dept of agriculture intervention on the outbound travel of your pet.

    But what does come to mind is the Qatar air rep at the airport might have not understood your relative, in that they might have thought you wanted to ship the dog as freight, not as excess or checked baggage on your same flight as you. I am pretty sure they have no way of taking freight out of Ahmedabad which may be their thinking, the other thing is the airline person may just be clueless. I had the same situation with Lufthansa, in the end I had to go to the airport and speak to the Lifthansa base manager at 12 am one night as they only fly late into Kolkata.

    I would call Qatar airways number if you are still in the USA or the main help line number if you are in India and get advice from here and take note of the name , date and time from who gives you the answer. I am just pretty sure its the person at the airport being incorrect here.

    Its all up to the airline though on whether they accept animals from Ahmedabad or not, no one else.

    I am on a trip so cant make any calls as am not in the country for the next month. But give Qatar airways a call yourself, I am 99% sure the airport rep was wrong.


    Posted on November 20, 2010 at 5:14 am #
  3. From Kalash Jhamb:


    Thanks for the prompt reply. I am checking with Qatar airways people in US, if such a rule/restriction exist and also if it’s an airline rule or airport rule. Anyways, what checks does a dog need to go through before boarding an international flight from India? Do they need to be checked by an airport vet before boarding the flight? I don’t think there are any special conditions that an airport needs to have to load/allow my dog to be boarded as on board cargo.

    Thanks for the continued support and help !



    Posted on November 22, 2010 at 10:02 am #
  4. From admin:

    From India just get the airline forms which I have here, go to a vet and get them signed and stamped. Simple. There is no check of the pet before boarding and the Indian government is not involved at all in the export of the pet, you just take them with the paperwork and put them on the plane.

    When the pet arrives in the USA at the cargo terminal , if you are on the same plane just go to the cargo area as soon as you clear customs, the cargo people will be there to help you through the simple process of clearing the pets into the USA. Make sure you have a letter also stating the value of the pets.. like put $50 on it or something in case they want it. Its very simple and quick, sometimes and mostly if the flight is during the day a customs person will come look at the dogs before they release them to you. We brought our dogs and a cat from Sth africa into Miami a couple of years ago and it was pretty simple and done within 1 hr. But it was 11.30pm at night when we arrived. But we still had to take the docs from the British Airways cargo ourselves down to the customs officers and get him to approve the release of the cargo, it was simple though and they are sympathetic to animals coming in and wont hold you up.


    Posted on November 23, 2010 at 8:38 pm #
  5. From Dana:


    I have explored this post, as well as your India Mike post, and can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful information you’ve shared!
    One question: How long did it take you to prepare all the documents, pet checkups, NOC, etc? I am looking to bring my two kitties to India in March, and am wondering if two-and-a-half months is even a realistic and workable goal.
    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Posted on December 16, 2010 at 9:30 am #
  6. From admin:

    We did ours in 2 weeks, just be careful of the rabies vaccine , if memory serves me correct it has to be done no sooner than 1 mth prior to entry into India (or something like that).


    Posted on December 17, 2010 at 11:18 pm #
  7. From Dana:

    Great, Chris, appreciate all your help.
    After reading more on your site (bringing pets back to US) and IM, it seems like it’s a challenge to have animals in India. After your experiences, would you advise against it? My cats are older (9 and 8), and while they are healthy here, I want to do what is best for the cats, not what is best with me (ideally, I would like my entire “family” with me in India).
    On your IM thread, you mentioned your now-deceased cat; I’m so sorry! If I may be so bold, how was India “not good” for him? I don’t mean to pry, but as mentioned, I want to make a decision that will make the cats happy and healthy, for as long as possible.
    Ah, decisions, decisions.

    Posted on December 19, 2010 at 2:26 pm #
  8. From admin:

    Hi, sorry late response was away on a trip in China

    The problem we found here in Kolkata was the real lack of 2 things, decent pet food and vet services.

    On the pet food front for a cat there is just some Whiskas satchels of wet food and dry food thats decent and even then you may see them in the store this week but not the next, it was only after we found a pet store that we could get them consistently. There is other brands of canned cat food, and dry cat food but compared to what we have in the USA, its really poor quality here and low in actual nutrients. Our cat didnt like it much at all no matter what we tried and he wasn’t a fussy eater before! We mostly fed him with a BARF diet and did it with chicken and fish. He actually like the frozen whitefish we could buy in the Spencers stores, it was expensive but he was happy.

    Vet services, now in other cities it may and possibly is different. But here you go to a vet, there is little or any hygiene, and little to nil pet meds available. What you can get you have to hunt through many small drug stores to find as the vet wont keep stocks of drugs at all. They also are not trained at all to the same standards as we are used to, nor appear to have the same knowledge (we saw 3 different vets in India, all were the same). When you go there with a sick pet, of course its normal to get a blood test. Normally we would have the vet draw the blood and send it to the lab….but not in India, you have to take your cat to the lab yourself and get the blood drawn! The lab tech is not trained in animal husbandry and has no clue. So instead of traumatizing our poor George the cat, we moved him back to civilization asap. If we had of been able to catch it earlier, or probably not brought him to India he would still be with us as we would have been able to diagnose that he had got diabetes in the months he was here. of course being a cat he didnt show the symptons until it was too late, and the vet here thought we were crazy suggesting our cat was sick. They would take his temp, look at him and say he is fine…

    Also in India should your pet die, in most cities there is no way to get the body cremated easily, in Kolkata its not possible at all, nor is there any pet cemeteries. That weighed on our minds a lot with old animals.

    We also nearly had our 2 dogs die here in India, one dog got so sick that it was only through the help of the web and our vet in the USA that we were able to nurse her through it , but still when she got back to the USA she has bad kidney problems, so did the little on Moe, he too was really sick and needed lots of $$ spend getting them back to help. It was just stomach viruses they both had, probably from licking a puddle outside or something like that. But the vet response was when I called, if she is still alive on Monday bring her in and I will look at her then !!!! Really thats what one guy said, and he was meant to be the best in town!!

    Be prepared to make sure your pets only drink mineral water here from day one, we would buy tons of liter bottles of Dasani, then we found we could buy it in cooler sized bottles for Inr80 a bottle.

    If your cats are healthy with no abnormal things already wrong with them bring them with you, also make sure you have some extra meds, or the names and contents of the meds (as you can just walk into a drug store here and they will hand it over with no script). Just be really vigilant to make sure you watch what they eat and drink and they will be fine. To get the meds here in a drug store, have a copy of the box in hand or a printout of the contents for the web and hand it too them, they will find the same under a different brand here, although a lot of the time the drugs appear to be of very low quality.


    Posted on December 22, 2010 at 12:38 am #
  9. From Dana:


    Thank you again for your reply. I’m still in the process of deciding the “best” (which, in itself, is totally subjective and enigmatic) thing to do, talking with my US vet, my partner in India, and vets/expats with animals in Delhi. If I take the cats, I’ll surely follow your advice with water, litter, food, etc. Also, I’m preparing a “pet emergency fund” so I have the means to treat the cats if they’re sick or rush them back to US if needed. (Your pictures of the animal’s crates are invaluable, btw. I’m more of a visual learner 🙂 )
    An aside about water: Should the floors only be cleaned with mineral water as well, or, in your opinion, will an anti-bacterial cleaning agent negate the tap water? This may seem like a silly question, but I have been thinking about what would happen if the kitties stepped on the wet floors and then licked their feet, etc. I’m being a paranoid mommy, I know, but better safe than sorry. I guess I could always boil water before cleaning. I have read multiple times that “If you can’t drink the water, neither can your pet,” but, as you alluded, it’s near impossible to control all external factors.

    I’ll be sure to update IM and let you know if the cats travel to India. A million thanks!


    Posted on January 5, 2011 at 8:43 am #
  10. From admin:

    Dana we just had the maid clean the floor with lysol which you can get here cheap. The biggest problem was the water in the trays under the pot plants which george loved to drink from…god only knowns whats in the plant soil, it sure isnt sterilized potting mix like we are used to! Also the paint would flake from the walls sometimes, and its all lead based paint here and we were afraid one of the animals would eat the flakes of paint.

    Oh and bring a can opener ! Some of the wet cat food doesnt have ring pulls, and the only can openers you can buy here are those old fashioned ones you stab the can with a blade. Plus if you want to make italian the imported crushed tomatoes are in can and you need an opener for those too!


    Posted on January 5, 2011 at 8:33 pm #
  11. From Dan:

    Dear Cris,

    I am moving to Delhi-India from the Tampa,USA . My pet cat about 4 yr old will accompany me as accompanied baggage .I can get these documents 1. Vaccination record including rabies vaccination 2. Export Health certificate which I will recieve 7 days before the date of departure 3. Certificate for Import of cat into India which I have downloaded off the internet and will get my vet to sign In order to get the NOC . The agents are charging too much for my cat. I dont have no one in India who can get NOC .And when I called Regional Officer (NR), Animal Quarantine and Certification Service Station,
    Kapashera, New Delhi – 110 037,Phone No.: 0091-11-2506 3272,Fax No.: 091-11-2506 0647

    He said to send my relative or friend in Delhi that they will getNOC for free. As NOC is issued by officer for free. But i dont know anyone in Delhi.How can I get NOC for my cat. Please help me or email me at ……

    Posted on January 21, 2011 at 8:41 pm #
  12. From chris:

    Have you tried getting the NOC at another Quarantine center. I understand and have been told its best to get it from your arrival place, but you dont have to. After all it should be nationwide (I know not always true in India with a central government department!!).

    Sorry cant offer any other help apart from shopping around and see if someone else can be paid to go and get it for you, try sending some emails to some of the Logistics companies, I am sure you can go get one to be your agent and get the form cheap for you in Delhi. Thats how I originally started my search to get the NOC, just sending emails.

    You should take your cat in the cabin with you, he/she will be more comfy, just get one of the collapsible containers like we used, as you just push them under the seat for take off and landing and the rest of the time they can be out from under the seat. Plus you can make sure your cat gets some liquids this way during the flight and you can take it into a disabled restroom and let it out for a stretch and pee during your stopover.


    Posted on January 21, 2011 at 9:44 pm #
  13. From Shamitha:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the very useful info you’ve provided regarding pet transport to India! I am travelling to India from Dallas with my 2 year old labrador Aura on Dec 29th. I got all the info required from here but I had a doubt as to what the India sanitary certificate was. It says somewhere in one of your attachments that the certified copy of the APHIS form, the India Sanitary Certificate, the pet’s inoculation record and the no objection certificate create your pet passport for India.

    I really appreciate all your help.

    Thank You

    Posted on December 4, 2011 at 3:27 pm #
  14. From chris:

    Let me have a look at the docs.. I am away on a trip will be back Tuesday night and post an update

    Posted on December 4, 2011 at 7:08 pm #
  15. From admin:

    The Sanitary Certificate was this one: . Its a form the vet filled out 14 days prior to show the dog is healthy and inoculated that’s all, you have to submit this to get your NOC here in India. If they give you the NOC you will have all the required docs to import your Pet. the NOC is basically stating they have pre reviewed all the information and they say you have all that’s needed to legally import the dog.

    I would still recommend the Lufthansa flight ex DFW (if they still do that route). Don’t do the new Emirates flight, as sometimes the connections from that flight to India are long and its still quite warm there.. plus they don’t appear to have any sympathy for handling dogs at Dubai airport I see dogs sitting on the warm tarmac all the time there.

    Posted on December 6, 2011 at 9:45 pm #
  16. From Shamitha:

    Thank you so much Chris!

    I am going Lufthansa from Dallas to Mumbai with a stop at Frankfurt. Got all the documents done except for the NOC. Sending the documents to India today. Hoping it won’t take longer as I’m leaving on 29th. A little worried about obtaining the NOC, but I guess it should be fine. Your blog has been a great help! Thanks again!


    Posted on December 19, 2011 at 10:24 pm #
  17. From Jaqueline:

    Hi Chris,

    I’m Going to Brazil with my pet, a pomeriam dog and I would like to know if I can do all the requirements myself or I have to have an agent to do it? if I do myself where I have to go? I’m in Kolkata.

    Do you have any idea how much it will cost for all the docs and the microchip?

    Thank you,

    Posted on March 14, 2012 at 4:34 am #
  18. From Chris Bastianpillai:

    Very informative and useful post. Thank you.

    Posted on March 16, 2012 at 6:25 pm #
  19. From Kristina Rapson:

    Hi Chris,
    I just came across your blog and THANK GOD ! I have been having a terrible time trying to get accurate official information about bringing my dog to India. I will be leaving from Canada (so I understand it might be different) Please email me and let me know how and where you got your NOC and if it’s necessary because up until now, none of the Indian embassy websites in US, Canada, UK or Switzerland say that this form is necessary. Please let met know I am desperate for information.

    Posted on March 30, 2012 at 12:57 pm #
  20. From Jessica:


    We are moving to New Delhi with our dog in August. We’re in the process of booking our flights, and I wanted to know how long your lay-over was in Frankfurt? The 2 options I’m looking at are a 1 hr 55min layover or 4.5 hour layover. We’re flying out of Dulles, so both legs of the trip are roughly the same amount of time ~8hrs to Frankfurt and ~7 hours to Delhi. I would just want to make sure she had enough time while in Frankfurt for them to take her out for a quick potty break. She’s crate trained, so she’s used to being in there for several hours, but I’m worried she will try to hold it for the entire flight (as she did when we flew her from Paris to Houston a few years ago).
    Also, is 1 month still sufficient time to book her on our flight?
    This blog has been a life saver and thanks for any information you can share!

    Posted on July 12, 2012 at 10:21 am #
  21. From chrisandcin:

    Hi Jessica, you sure are choosing a hot time of the year to fly a dog into Delhi! If it was me I would choose the flight thats going to have you arriving at Delhi between 9pm to 6am …even now I just looked it 1.36am in Delhi airport and its 28 C / 83 F !! And its only going to get hotter.

    We did both the long layover in Frankfurt of 6 hrs, and the short one. On both the cages were cleaned and water replenshed… surprisingly on the longer stopover the poor pups had done some pee pee in the cages… so cant tell if they were walked or not, but the bedding was changed so I guess they were let out.

    Good luck, I hope you have got yourself a agent at the Delhi end who can make sure all goes smooth and fast so your puppy has as least stress as possible, they cost some $$$ but its worth it.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Posted on July 12, 2012 at 2:14 pm #
  22. From Raj:

    Have like dozens of questions about taking my puppy (8 lb) from Canada to India (chennai). Hope you have time to answer them all.

    DO you know what the process would be like to carry her in cabin? Is it okay to put her on sedative for the entire trip about 24 hours? Will there be customs to clear? Most important , if they say she has to go as excess baggage, will she arrive safely? Should I pick her up at cargo hold area or will I be able to pick her at the baggage? I read some where that dogs come out on conveyor belt, is that true? Does the cargo process vary depending on the airways?
    My office would book tickets for us, so they would book the cheapest flight. If we are not able to carry her with us, we are planning to send her separately and have our friends pick her up. Can we do that? what is the process for that? We are not sure of the best way to take her.
    I’m having a very paranoid wife, who is worries sick from the time we knew we had to travel back. Any input will help greatly.

    Posted on November 27, 2012 at 2:36 pm #
  23. From chrisandcin:

    Hi, sorry took a day to reply… here goes
    DO you know what the process would be like to carry her in cabin?
    Airlines are all different, some allow it some dont. Some airlines sell their own special carriers that fit perfectly under their seats!
    Is it okay to put her on sedative for the entire trip about 24 hours?
    NO NO NO, animals die as there is no way to know the effects of altitude and the less pressure in the cabin and its effects on your dog and how the drug will work… lots of animals die on the owners arms onboard , we saw this first hand once on a flight back from Miami, horrible is was
    Will there be customs to clear?
    Always, leaving Canada they dont care, but arriving you will have to get it all prearranged and make sure the Animal Control people from the airport are there to take your papers and check the pet before you leave the baggage claim area
    Most important , if they say she has to go as excess baggage, will she arrive safely?
    You need to get the most direct flight, and if you have to get a stop, dont make it a airline that stops in the middle east, do lots of research if your flight isnt direct
    Should I pick her up at cargo hold area or will I be able to pick her at the baggage? I read some where that dogs come out on conveyor belt, is that true?
    As excess baggage the dog will be delivered to you in the baggage claim area, just find the airline rep and the dog is normally already there waiting for you, its simply.
    Does the cargo process vary depending on the airways?
    Yes sadly there are some that wont take pets in the cabin, and there are some that wont take them as excess baggage. At all costs avoid any airline that makes you send the dog as freight, its a hassle and you have to pay tax and import your dog and it will create a lot of delays and stress on the dog. Excess baggage is the way to go, or better still take the dog with your onboard

    Posted on November 29, 2012 at 10:48 am #
  24. From Sheeba:

    kudos on the great effort. Helps so many of us, who are trying to take our pets to India.

    I have a question on the NOC. when should i apply for the NOC? Some say 10 days prior to our travel and that the NOC is valid only for about a week. Is this true? Will i get my noc on time?

    Thanks in advance

    Posted on December 3, 2012 at 8:16 am #
  25. From chrisandcin:

    Depends on the city you are travelling to… some like here in Kolkata (yes 4 years later I am still here!) will post date the NOC. Others I am told will not post date. If you have a good agent they will get the NOC within the specified 1 week timeframe for you, and scan and email a copy to you the same day as they apply for the NOC.

    I would only recommend having a agency get the NOC for you, sure you might be able to get a friend or family member get it for you, but should something go wrong then you wont have enough time to get a agent organised and the paperwork to them

    Posted on December 3, 2012 at 9:41 am #
  26. From sheeba:

    i dont have agents for chennai. and my family lives there. they r ready to go get ’em for us. i was wondering if its the case everywhere?
    thanks for your prompt reply.

    Posted on December 3, 2012 at 10:57 am #
  27. From chrisandcin:

    I think you will be ok in Chennai, no one ever says anything bad about getting their pet into Chennai. Its a pretty normal airport too. I will tell your family to go out to the airport and get the specifics of what the Animal Quarantine Officer needs to give the NOC… if they have trouble I have been told that the Blue Cross can help and will appreciate a small donation for their time.

    Posted on December 3, 2012 at 9:01 pm #
  28. From sheeba:

    `Thank you so much. you must love animals so much, i can tell.. great help.. Keep it on!!

    Posted on December 3, 2012 at 10:33 pm #
  29. From salvatore iozzia:

    Good morning Chris,
    Your information are precious. I have been trying to Know what documents I needed to carry my two dogs in India and finally I found your website.
    Thank you very much. I have 3 questions:

    1. I am departing from Italy to India in June. Do you Know if I can land in Bangalore with my pets?
    2. Do I need only rabies vaccination or I need also the blood tests which confirms that after 21 days of the vaccination the pet has the anticorps of rabies?
    3. I can receive the NOC by the Quarantine Officer through mail or is better to use a local agency to get it?

    Thank you very much for the answers.

    Posted on January 27, 2013 at 7:13 am #
  30. From chrisandcin:

    Hi Salvatore

    Yes you can land in Bangalore with pets, from the information I have. Bangalore is quite a modern airport, although a long way from the city center!

    The rabies test, you need to have proof the vaccination was given and also proof the animal has a blood test that shows its free of rabies. I dont know about getting the blood tests 21 days after the vacinne, I only know of the getting the tests completed and signed off 10 days prior to import to India. Just ask your local Vet about this, as there are different vacinnes with different effects on the blood work I am told.

    You cannot receive the NOC thru the mail, you will have to get a local agency to get it in person for you , they will get a NOC from you to act on your behalf in attaining the certificate from the Quarantine officer here in India. There is no easy way to do this.

    Good luck!

    Posted on January 28, 2013 at 10:04 pm #
  31. From salvatore iozzia:

    Thanks a lot.

    Posted on January 30, 2013 at 1:58 am #
  32. From Georgiana:

    Hi Chris,

    I came across this post and it is very helpful. I had a few questions. We are taking our 2 dogs to India in mid June for one year. We are flying with Lufthansa and I was wondering where can I call to get a list of all these things I need to do before we leave? Just got them microchipped today but all the paper work that needs to get done looks a bit overwhelming. Any suggestion?


    Posted on April 2, 2013 at 11:31 pm #
  33. From chrisandcin:

    The information on this site is still current. In addition Lufthansa will be able to help you, they have all the information on their system. But the only way to get this info is to go to the airport and speak to someone there , better to speak to the baggage people there. A local office for the airline might be able to help, but I wouldnt trust their info.

    June is going to be really hot. Make sure your dogs will be able to stand the heat, I would NOT EVER take them into Delhi in June thru Sept, its too dangerous. In fact the airline may not carry them due to the 40-50C temperatures in Delhi at this time.

    Good luck with your move.

    Posted on April 3, 2013 at 9:28 pm #
  34. From Madhusri Saha (Mrs.):

    Dear Chris,

    Writing from Lagos, Nigeria. Have a pet female cat named Esther. I actually saved her from a Nigerian who wanted to train/feed and eventually eat her! She is with me for nearly 6 years. Myself and my husband are going back to Kolkata for good in this Dec/Jan, and we are quite elderly couple! I am at a lost after reading your article – about all the requirements. Pls help us. In Nigeria vets are not so modern but we are giving her all the vaccinations she needs. How can you fully depend on you?

    Thanks for all infos.


    Posted on April 11, 2013 at 2:45 am #
  35. From chrisandcin:

    Thanks for reading the blog… what you need to do is call our friends at Jetex here in Kolkata. They will make the whole ordeal much easier for you. Its a little costly but worth it I promise. If you want to save some money you could get some friends to come out to the airport and get the NOC for you and required information for India. As far as the information needed to get the cat out of Nigeria I think the best option is your airline, contact the local office or airport office I find works best. Just send them an email at Jetex and see if they can help you. Be best too if you can take the cat onboard with you and put it under the seat in a soft container. We did this many times with no problem.

    Jetex Oceanair Pvt Ltd
    33 VIP Road, Bhartiya Enclave.
    Kaikhali. Kolkata 700136.
    Ph : 91 033 2323 2021 /23
    Fax: 91 033 23232022

    Posted on April 11, 2013 at 5:10 am #
  36. From Lori:

    I am a little confused on the NOC timing. For example, if am getting all the certificates from the vet and getting them USDA stamped within 10 days of the flight, how am I supposed to get the Sanitation Certificate over to India for approval and then get it back before my flight leaves in the 10 day time period?

    I do know someone who lives there in Delhi who could pick up the NOC for me and then mail it to me asap. Do they have to take anything with them to the Dept. Of Agriculture to pick up the NOC for me?

    Posted on May 13, 2013 at 1:47 pm #
  37. From chrisandcin:

    We did ours via a scan, they took the scan copy and took it to the officer here in India. When we got the NOC the agent sent us a scan of the NOC , they also had a agent at the airport on our arrival who had the actual NOC in hand and gave it to us.

    TO get someone to get this NOC on your behalf you simply write a letter introducing the person and giving them permission to act on your behalf for gaining the NOC for your pets….giving as much detail as possible and copies of your passport and visa.


    Posted on May 15, 2013 at 2:16 am #
  38. From Bhavna:

    Hello Chris
    I will be travelling with my pet from USA to India for about 12 days, in the cabin with me.
    I am trying hard to get some info, please help me with that:
    1. Do I need an NOC when I travel from USA?
    2. I’m an Indian citizen, just want to be sure if I can carry pet for a short duration as well?
    3. I have the health certificates, microchip, rabies vaccination done.
    Really short on time, please let me know what can be done at the earliest.


    Posted on November 14, 2013 at 2:49 pm #
  39. From chrisandcin:

    Have a look at this commment below this post , although it may not be the same for your case. Sorry no one at all is clear about this mysterious NOC…

    Posted on November 15, 2013 at 10:25 am #
  40. From Manoj:


    im planning to travel to Bangalore India to from Toronto Canada with my 2 dogs and leave them there with my parents for good. Can i follow the same procedure ie paperwork to get them into the country? Any issues with what im trying to do here?


    Posted on January 2, 2014 at 1:23 pm #
  41. From maria:

    Hello chris,
    I got great difficulties to get the NOC even truth a agency and a friend wants to help me now but he needs a example of the NOC can you please send me yours?
    And can i send my dog´s on cargo?
    Many Thanks

    Posted on January 11, 2014 at 6:33 am #
  42. From chrisandcin:

    Sorry our NOC is not 5 years old and I am pretty sure they have changed… and also I dont have a copy of it. But your friend need not worry as the NOC is done by the quarantine office and they will issue their own format in their own words for you.

    Posted on January 11, 2014 at 11:29 am #
  43. From maria:

    ok thank you for the quick answer
    And can i ship the dogs as cargo? or you think they gone make lots of problems?
    Many thanks

    Posted on January 12, 2014 at 1:17 am #
  44. From Roy:

    Dear Chris,

    I see your blog and appreciate your kind efforts to all pet owners.I am Indian and working in Nigeria for 8 years and I have 2 pets (grew them up like my son/my best friends)….I want to take my 2 pets (1 is German Shepard 6yrs and 1 is mixed breed 7 yrs) to India Kolkata with me when am leaving Nigeria.Please let me know if I can get any travel agent in Nigeria to assist me for all necessary documents required for travel (including passport/visa/microchip/container/vaccine certificate/rabbies certificate/N.O.C etc..) Please assist me the following questions also…

    1. Can I take them in cabin baggage
    2. Can I travel with them in Cargo
    3. How they can do potty since the entire travel appox 16 hrs with changing flight)
    4. Who will provide their food/water during travel..

    I really appreciate with your positive and helpful answer since I cannot leave them alone…

    Thank you in advance

    Posted on February 22, 2015 at 3:12 pm #
  45. From chrisandcin:


    I dont know how you are going to get your pets to Kolkata. the only international airlines from your part of the world serving CCU are Emirates and Qatar now. And they dont carry pets to the best of my knowledge… I know they definitely dont carry them in cabin at all. Maybe as cargo. You might want to try Singapore airlines, but thats a long way around and again they would have to fly as freight.

    I would suggest Lufthansa as I think they serve Nigeria, send them as excess baggage , go via frankfurt and then into Delhi or Mumbai. Then figure out how to get the domestic part done which might be best with a car and driver.

    You dogs are way too big for cabin travel unless they are classed as service dogs… so its excess baggage. If you go the Lufthansa way they take the dogs our walk and feed them for you in Frankfurt. Even clean their cages. You will have to do the setup like we did with the bag of food attached to the cage and the water bottles on the doors for your pets. And of course travel soon as its going to be hot shortly and you will miss your window. Contact Furry Friends or the company I used here in Kolkata for help with the docs.

    Posted on February 22, 2015 at 8:58 pm #
  46. From Roy:

    Thanks Chris for your promt reply…I do not mind to take them with Lufthansa…but please confirm if I can travel with them together in cargo and can I have the address or phone nr for furry friends office so I can contact them with the further enquires….
    Mostly I am looking for a travel agent can do every documents and necessary arrangements for my pets…
    I will be grateful if you can guide me with my doubts and enquires…

    Posted on February 23, 2015 at 1:07 pm #
  47. From Roy:

    Dear Chris,
    I can go with Lufhansa from Abuja to Chennai..
    But Please let me know if I can travel with them in cargo and please help me with any travel agent contact to do the necessary arrangements for every documentations/container/microchips/vaccination certificates etc…

    Thanks in advance.

    Posted on February 23, 2015 at 1:12 pm #
  48. From Debakshi:

    Hi Chris
    I want to send one of my dogs to my mother in Kolkata from Singapore. I have been told that I need a DGFT a license that will cost Rs 45,000. Is that true? I am a Indian citizen working here and we are not relocating.

    Posted on August 7, 2015 at 10:39 am #
  49. From chrisandcin:

    Most likely true, heard this before. The only way around it is to take a air ticket on Singapore airlines and travel with your dog as excess baggage, then the dog is basically part of your personal effects. Less stress on the dog dog too and at CCU airport those people on the tarmac are known to be cruel to dogs and leave them out in the hot sun for hours on a baggage cart. I wouldnt do it as freight out of CCU.

    Posted on August 9, 2015 at 5:53 am #


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