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December 9, 2011

Toilets on a Indian Train

Toilets on a Indian Train

Apparently¬†on a Indian train there are western style toilets… although there were none in the carriages I had access to. All I saw were these starting block toilets.

If only you could have shared the smell! It was gross, the pee and poo also goes straight out onto the tracks. And people dont stop using the crapper when its at the station, so you can imagine what a Indian train station smells like!

(remember to click on a pic to enlarge and get the full effect!)

Indian toilet paper... if there was water you would fill this germ ridden cup with water and wash your pooy butt!


The shit and pee goes straight out onto the tracks!



The door lock, complete with huge ass gap so people can see you!

Filthy sink

May 21, 2009

May 19 – are we really here?

So once again we got very little sleep, Chris did a bit better than me. Our bodies have no idea what the time is plus you have to get used to the bed as it is the usual Asian one and the mattress is only an inch thick, but it was nice to actually lie down.

The shower was exciting this morning, no hot water, so that helped wake us up.

The gentleman who looks after the guest house got us tea and asked if we wanted some breakfast, the description wasnt great, vegetables where mentioned, so we declined and had some fruit.

dining area of the guest house The 'guest house' living room

Chris then went off to his new office to do paperwork and organise his interview in Delhi on Friday with the DGCA., and whatever else they needed him to do.

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