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May 21, 2009

May 20 – Finally feeling nearly normal

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Cat still hasnt gone to the toilet.

We finally got some decent sleep, we both woke at about 4am and talked for a while then both went back to sleep until the doorbell woke us at 8.30am. It was nice to wake up and feel relatively normal, not like you had just been run over by a truck.

You could tell we were both feeling better as we wanted breakfast, this time we had an omlette and some toast, not bad, it was a Denver omlette too.

I know its from Maccas who would have thought!

So Chris went off to work leaving me to my own devices. Not much to do really, and its too hot to go exploring until later in the afternoon when it cools off a bit, to at least 40C. So I went for a walk with Anita the wife of the other pilot Chris will be flying with. You can only go out and walk around for ½ hour to 45 mins as the heat makes you feel physically ill. There is a little bazaar across from our Guest house that sells a lot of womens stuff, most prices arent fixed, I dont like the idea of haggaling the price for shampoo, I just want a supermarket where I can buy it at fixed cost. Anita also had the problem of having a white woman with her, which makes all the prices go up, so she cant buy anything with me there.

Chris and I went for a walk to get dinner, turned into a nightmare. Chris thought he knew where he was going, but he did not. So we walked a really long way in the wrong direction, and I got pretty pissed at him, this heat is not the best to be in when you get lost. The only way we could find our way back to the Guest house was by taxi, we didnt eat, not that you feel like it when you are really got. Chris went off to check on the dogs, no one was there when he got there, so he wasted two hours, he is going to try again tomorrow. He found McDonalds on his way back and came in with an Indian version of a Big Mac, Chicken Maharaja, it was pretty gross, I ate the fries and the bun off the burger.

The Might Maharajah Big Mac , all chicken with curry burger

not very modern at all here in downtown

Middleton mansion, a old rich peoples apartment building

aunty doing the washing in the stairwell

one of these buildings is the office

near the steeple is a catholic school

more of the town
wash day

The neighbors

May 21, 2009

May 19 – are we really here?

So once again we got very little sleep, Chris did a bit better than me. Our bodies have no idea what the time is plus you have to get used to the bed as it is the usual Asian one and the mattress is only an inch thick, but it was nice to actually lie down.

The shower was exciting this morning, no hot water, so that helped wake us up.

The gentleman who looks after the guest house got us tea and asked if we wanted some breakfast, the description wasnt great, vegetables where mentioned, so we declined and had some fruit.

dining area of the guest house The 'guest house' living room

Chris then went off to his new office to do paperwork and organise his interview in Delhi on Friday with the DGCA., and whatever else they needed him to do.

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