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October 26, 2011

Death by Diwali

This is what happens when logic doesnt prevail (normal here) and they allow firecrackers to be set off in the middle of 2 apartment buildings. The last 5 seconds is where you see the results….

January 22, 2011

Its the smog season

Looking towards Kolkata Airport

This is what its like at this time of year in India, all over India! Its smog. Kolkata and Delhi get the worst of it , I suspect the main reason for this is the humans.

Walking outside this morning to sit and drink my coffee and read the local rags , of course you have to content with the air. We have lived in many countries with smog and dirty air we are used to this. The one difference is the smell in India.

The air smells of burning plastics and rubber products, with the hint of burnt wood . Wood I like the smell of, but the plastics is a little bit much. Add to it the high sulphur diesel thats used in all the cars and trucks and we have a lot of smog when the   high pressure systems are over India….sad.

Looking towards Salt Lake City, on a clear day you can see this city center from here!

October 4, 2010

The worlds newest most roughest overpass, only in India

This brand new overpass is on the way from the Airport into Kolkata City. Its new!, and its rough, there are sections that look like they are sagged, you can see them at the start and end of the video. Yes its rough , thats not my bad camera work!

[youtube lRu4rPuzSDo]