May 21

May 19 – are we really here?

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So once again we got very little sleep, Chris did a bit better than me. Our bodies have no idea what the time is plus you have to get used to the bed as it is the usual Asian one and the mattress is only an inch thick, but it was nice to actually lie down.

The shower was exciting this morning, no hot water, so that helped wake us up.

The gentleman who looks after the guest house got us tea and asked if we wanted some breakfast, the description wasnt great, vegetables where mentioned, so we declined and had some fruit.

dining area of the guest house The 'guest house' living room

Chris then went off to his new office to do paperwork and organise his interview in Delhi on Friday with the DGCA., and whatever else they needed him to do.

I cant remember being this tired after a trip somewhere, I would kill for my pillowtop mattress at this moment.

No pillowtop mattresses here

Today has been interesting, Chris’s company has been great. Anything that needs to be done they are helping with and expediting, we have never had this much assistance before, normally you are just told what needs to be done and set off on your own.

Chris found out he will be flying the bosses to China the 5th June which is cool, he will also be going to Ko Samui and Singapore, plus they would like to go to Australia as the company has purchased a mine in Queensland.

The lovely artwork in our room

it feels like its full of horse hair

cant swing the cat in this luxurious suite

We got a message about 4pm from the people looking after the animals saying there was a problem with the cat. Being the fatalist that I am, I immediately assumed he was dead. So we found a taxi that would take us there to see the damage. Well we got there and he was in Moe’s crate, as he cant be let wander as he will just take off, and didnt move when we walked in, just looked sadly at us, at least he was alive. The poor bugger hadnt gone to the toilet in two days and also hadnt eaten anything for more than 24 hours, you wouldnt feel great in this position either. We had gotten permission to take him back to the guest house with us, at least there we could let him out in our room and set up a poo tray for him. After a very eventful taxi ride with screaming cat we got back to the guest house and took George out of his carrier to find that he had peed himself, you can imagine how much pee there was after him not going for two days, so we washed him off and gave him some food and he soon perked up. I think he was pretty pissed at us as he hid under the bed for a while, George never holds a grudge for too long, soon he was out asking for a cuddle.

George happy to be in cold airconditioned air

I actually feel really guilty about leaving the dogs as we have a nice airconditioned room and they dont. They are being treated very well and seem to like the people, but they are only being cooled by fans, and after living in Colorado this is definately hard on them.

Driving around Kolkata is terrifiying, there is only one road rule, if you can find a space get in it. You could not pay me to drive here. Chris thought that we would buy a car and he would drive, but after our experiences today, he decided that we would get a car, but also a driver. The reason for buying a car is its airconditioned, none of the taxis are, and when you are stuck in traffic and its 45C, 120F, its awful. Chris has a company driver that takes him to the office or airport every day, its part of his contract, but it would be nice for me to be able to go shopping and not have to worry about transport.

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  1. From Chris bonczyk:

    this sounds amazing…I really enjoyed your blog…couple of questions …where are you dogs and and is the guest house temporary…..I love seeing the pictures……….so coool. please include my email because Jack doesnt always share….the best,Chris

    Posted on May 21, 2009 at 8:36 pm #

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