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June 28, 2017

How long is the NOC valid for you ask?

Well the answer was recently posted by :

The Export NOC is valid for 10 days,
Import the date is mentioned on the certificate


June 20, 2017

Update on importing your pets… from a reader

Just posted by S Menon

“Dear all friends

I am just telling my side,whatever Anne Waltham telling is the real truth.India govt is no longer accepting pet to India from any where in the world except under a few conditions:

1.Indian nationals who is relocating to India after 2 years of continues stay and also only getting an affidavit from Indian consulate import permit (Those people already took their pet when they left India to other country)

3. obtaining a licence from govt of India called DEFT licence or something like that and it is very very hard and expensive so far cost around $6000.00

Where as our dog is the luckiest dog in the world, we have been taking her every year from New York to India because she was in India   when this rule was imposed and they issued a certificate for her that her country of origin is India. “

May 30, 2014

Interesting breakfast topping


May 1, 2013

Real organic produce

Real organic produce

This is as close as you can get to real organic produce here in kolkata .   No pesticides of any use were used on this lettuce!


April 11, 2013

Its the season to throw water @

Its the season to throw water @

“All Government offices will be officially closed and everybody will come out of home to throw water to everybody.”

Myanmar New Year Holidays Calender


August 6, 2012

Naan bread pizza, with spinich goat cheese, basil, shrimp and chicken – 801 cal per serving

Naan bread pizza, with spinich goat cheese, basil, shrimp and chicken – 801 cal per serving

This great recipe we developed after having the spinach and cheese flatbread at Carabas restaurant. It takes about 30 minutes to prepare using raw protein, or about 15 minutes if its already cooked.

This recipe gives you a nice meal for 2 people, we use a pizza stone and the BBQ to cook the pizzas but you can just as easily do it in the oven.

Preheat you pizza stone and oven to about 500 F , (we are going to turn it down once the pizzas are in)

This meal I calculated to be 1602 calories.


2  – Tandoor Baked  Naan bread (store bought or make them yourself, we used store bought from Costco)

3 – handfuls of baby spinach leaves (the ones you get in the bags in the salad section of the store)

15 – large fresh basil leaves

8 – large shrimp, peeled and cooked

1 cup Mojo marinade for shrimp

8 oz Chicken breast  (strips or whole breast)

1 tbsp Weber Kicken Chicken herb mix (or similar)



Garlic pepper

Tomato pizza base (home made or store bought)

2 oz Goat cheese, we used herb and garlic, but plane is good too. Either buy it crumbled or crumble it yourself.

1 Avocado sliced (use 1 half per naan)



1. Cook your Shrimp that you have marinated in the mojo for at least 30 minutes and the chicken that you have sprinkled some seasoning on. We undercook these, as they completion of the cooking is done on the Pizza. I use the BBQ to cook our protein.

This is the ingredients ready to go, the shrimp are cut into thirds and the chicken cut into smaller pieces


2. Place the Naans on a board, and dress with the Pizza sauce. Try not put too much on or else you will end up with a nasty soggy naan bread!

Spoon on a layer of pizza sauce, this is one we make ourselves

3. Take the basil leaves and chiffonade them (cut into small strips). Layer the Basil on top of the pizza sauce

Evenly spread the basil on to the pizza sauce dont be shy it tastes great!

4. Sprinkle on Garlic powder now… as much or little as you like

Be generous here

5. Take the spinach leaves and rip them up using your hands. Place about a layer about 1 inch high on each Naan bread (it will wilt and shrink when cooked)

Rip up a generous amount of baby spinach leaves

6. Add a pinch of salt and pepper on top of the baby spinach

Add a pinch of salt and pepper to each

7. Add your shrimp to one and chicken to the other now. (we have also used beef and ham on these and they are great)

Mix and match or keep one meat per naan like we did this time.

8.Add the crumbled goat cheese

Crumble on the goat cheese, about 1 oz on each naan .

9. Place on the pizza stone, instantly reduce the heat to 400 F, cook for 15 minutes (or until the goat cheese has melted and the spinach wilted, but not dried up)

Start with a hot preheated oven and stone, I like it at 500f for about 10 minutes prior to cooking

Gently place the naan on the stone, and reduce the oven temperature to 400F

Its hard to tell when they are done, its about 10-15 minutes, I just make sure the cheese is melted, the spinach has wilted and not dried up and gone crunchy


10. Add half a sliced avocado to each pizza , cut into quarters and serve

Add sliced avocado and cut into quarters

May 5, 2012

How to make a cheap wine bucket

Today we went looking for a cheap wine bucket… something we could throw in some ice and wine or beer… but the buckets for sale are either too big or too expensive.

So we went into bed bath and beyond and found in the bathroom area trash cans!  Yep for $20 you can get a stainless steel trash can and presto you have a ice bucket.

Take a look….



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February 1, 2012

Why do they put gross pics like this in the paper…

You have to admit in most countries this would be deemed an offensive pic!


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