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How long is the NOC valid for you ask?

Well the answer was recently posted by www.Indiapetlocators.com : The Export NOC is valid for 10 days, Import the date is mentioned on the certificate  

12:08 pm

Update on importing your pets… from a reader

Just posted by S Menon “Dear all friends I am just telling my side,whatever Anne Waltham telling is the real truth.India govt is no longer accepting pet to India from any where in the world except under a few conditions: 1.Indian nationals who is relocating to India after 2 years of continues stay and also […]

10:42 am

Found a doc on rules of importing pets

The Govt Of India has published a document on the how to import an animal.  I found this document here at this link . Animal and quarantine certification services  

2:32 am

Love this guy and his epic scooter journey around India

He sums up driving and pooping here in India pretty well ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPne-q4ynts

3:31 am

Interesting breakfast topping

10:08 pm


Been flying into here a lot in the last month, so thought we would explore the Palace.  

10:02 am

Flying into Mumbai

Flying into Mumbai

Evern wondered what Mumbai looks like at night… I did too until a couple of nights ago when it was amazingly clear, I have never seen it this clear before in Mumbai!  

10:50 pm

Dark night over Central India

Dark night over Central India

Somewhere north of Bangalore

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